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Private Data Security Policy is based on confidentiality and security of any customer’s private information, which’s been personally sent to our contact e-mail or handed over.

Our team can ensure of the data safety and trusted service provided to every customer, as our goal is to create a blog full of useful ideas, clear information and advantageous experience from the site.

We guarantee that any personal data received from our customers will not be uncovered or passed to the third party.

Edit of Policy

We are liable for any information provided herein on this website, for any edits and adding which, to our opinion are needed to provide the reader not only with the newest clear information but also in order to correspond all the quality criteria and principles of human ethics.

Moreover, if it is really important and needed, we save the right to edit the dates of release. That is why we suggest our customers read the newest information. Just subscribe to updates at

Even after any important changes, all the data received from our customer’s  are stored in a complete privacy. Also, any personal information is not stored without customers agreement.

We never use the information for someone’s needs after it has been received from our client. Since the moment it is passed to our storage all the data stay private and protected.

Information We Do not require blog never demands to provide any private data of the client. We have no necessity in your personal data in order to change the blog, making if more useful for every reader, no matter if it is your real name or address. That’s why the customer is liable for any information provided on own accord.

Significant remarks concerning the age of the customers

We do not request or store data of the customers who are not adult. So we are not liable for the information provided by minor readers under 13 years old.

Requested information

Herein, we will indicate all kinds of data which our website may need in the hereby mentioned cases.

Subscriptions on blog updates

The customers willingly subscribe for our e-mail notifications if they provide us with a valid email contact.

The customer receives notification as soon as any new article appears on the blog. We regulate the frequency of releases and notifications the way that should be convenient for the majority of the customers.

We offer to use unsubscribe menu when our customers wish to stop getting e-mail notifications. Just use the e-mail provided and follow the unsubscribe link in one of the messages you’ve received from us. As soon as you click on that link you stop being our subscriber.

Cookies policy

If you read our blog, that means you have agreed on your own initiative to give the permission to use site’s cookies. These cookies are kept on the customer’s computer and allow the customer to get all the benefits from the blog in a most resultful and secure manner.

Cookie files never uncover the customer’s data. Cookies help us collect and make the analysis of the data concerning   the character of our blog usage. This inquiry gives us a chance to correct the functional part of the website and enhance the service we provide.

Please note!

The information voluntary passed through the website by the visitor may be used for the purposes listed in the policy section of the website. In addition, we ensure that any personal data will not be handed over to the third party and any information gained from the customer will not be used for the aims not listed herein. Our website ensures secure service and privacy protection.

The way we use requested information blog requires your information in the next cases:

  • giving access to the blog articles and its offers.
  • notifying on the blog’s promos and other beneficial information updates
  • making important announcements about any edits or modifications on the blog.

The data collected with a help of cookies is aimed on:

  • analyzing the customer’s ethnic  tendencies and concerns.
  • investigating statistical data of the visitors on a site.
  • promoting some goods and other lucrative offers.
  • improving the blog, making it more helpful
  • bettering the goods and other offers from the blog.

The uncovering of some special data may happen only after legally-based demands. So, for the protection of the interests of the participants of our project, customers, and readers,  in case of the legal necessity, some data may be disclosed during the juridical procedures or investigations. We ensure that in any other situation any customer’s personal data will not be uncovered. We declare that we take responsibility  for the user’s data protection. If you would like make corrections in your user profile data on the blog, please proceed to modifications through a special edit link. We also confirm that there is a system for unsubscribing from our e-mail notifications. You can do that via one of the e-mailed messages pressing the <unsubscribe> button and following the link, then providing your e-mail address.

If you need make something clear concerning the questions of data privacy just contact our Security system manager.

Another urls

All other urls reflected on the blog are used on a permanent basis. We double-check the uprightness of the indicated information provided on these web resources and legitimacy of these sites with a special accuracy.  In addition, all the companies linked under the urls are aware of our protection policy of personal data.  So, we are making the usage of the blog more advantageous for our customers. Still it should be mentioned that our blog does not bear responsibility for the other website’s content. Also, we are not liable for any activity outgoing from the other websites, even from those to which we link.


E-mail us concerning this policy section

Please, do not hesitate to e-mail us regarding anything which haven’t seemed to  be quite clear to you on our policy webpage.