A Miraculous Health Substance

“A Miraculous Health Substance”
Book goes into great details on Colloidal silver:
Kills 94% of Pathogens
Produces Stem Cells
Kills Bad Bacteria and
Friendly to Good Bacteria
Colloidal Silver vs Antibiotics
Environmentally Friendly
No side effects
Unlike antibiotics, silver has no known side effects other than killing off yeast, faster than the body can dispose of the wastes. This only occurs when first starting on silver with too high a dose. This only results in cases where there is a severe candida infection and results in a rash on the skin. This clears up within two days when the dosage is reduced.The FDA states there are no reported detrimental effects from ionic silver. Click Here to see FDA letter). Research and customer reports indicate Ionic Silver Heals Burns and Wounds Fast Without Scarring Ionic silver has an amazing ability to heal. In “The Body Electric” noted medical researcher, Robert O. Becker makes a summery of some of his research in his statement: “…(stem cells) profoundly stimulate soft tissue healing in a way that’s unlike any known natural process. We don’t know how electrically produced silver ions differ from ordinary dissolved ions, only that they do.” “Silver ions” are the same thing as “ionic silver”. “Dissolved ions” are salts, acids and alkalis. Dr. Becker repeatedly mentions silver’s ability to cause needed cells to dedifferentiate (Become stem cells). Click Here to read about Dr. Becker research.Customers and Dr. Becker both report ionic silver has an amazing ability to heal burns and wounds in a fraction of the normal time and without scarring. This is thought to be due to its amazing ability to produce an abundance of stem cells. Click Here to see Betty’s Arm and the two wounds, one treated by conventional treatment in 16 weeks leaving a large scar and the other almost identical wound treated with silver that healed in 16 days with no visible scar! Even more dramatic is the case of the thoroughbred mare that ripped a hole in its hock about two inches in diameter all the way to the bone, exposing a large area of bone. Click Here to see pictures. The vet said the horse would certainly become infected and die unless it was taken to the horse hospital for surgery immediately. Even then he said the mare would have a scar and sunken area and would never race. Instead, she was treated by flushing the wound with tap water; then flushing it with hydrogen peroxide, then water again and then Robey ionic silver. This was done once a day until healed. See the pictures below. The white areas are from the hydrogen peroxide bleach on the fur. In picture one it had been treated for some time. You can see the “pink carpet” such as Dr Becker describes now covering the bone. The wound has healed inwardly considerably at this stage also. Picture two shows the same wound almost healed. In picture three the wound is completely healed and there is no identifying signs at all. The mare shows no signs at all of any injury. These two cases are typical of many similar cases reported to us. Open heart surgeries are reported to heal much faster than expected with oral ionic silver. In many surgeries the doctors have trouble removing stitches because they have healed much faster than expected. Severe wounds in animals that vets have said would not heal, have healed with no scar. This amazing ability to heal seems to be due to ionic silver’s ability to produce stem cells when needed. Click Here to read more about Silver’s ability to product Stem Cells. Very Effective
Silver normally treats 94% of all diseases, bacteria, yeasts, fungus and virus very effectively according to medical studies. Furthermore, users continually report that ionic silver is the ONLY effective treatment for their conditions. No immunities
In thousands of years silver was used to prevent disease. Throughout this time no disease has never been known to develop an immunity to silver. Silver works on a entirely different principle than antibiotics. Unlike silver, the new antibiotics which replaced silver only treated certain bacteria, no fungus or virus. The use of antibiotics create bacteria that mutate and are resistant to treatment. Non -Toxic
Ionic silver can be used orally or topically as it is completely non-toxic. FDA response is that there are no adverse effects on record. (Click Here to see FDA letter).
Why Live-Silver We have been in the ionic colloidal silver business since 1994. We know silver. There are many products being marketed as “colloidal silver.” They are not the same and many are not a colloid but rather a salt or silver protein. Some are produced electrolyticly with a low voltage in pure water. Some are produced elecrolyticly using salt. Some are produced electroliticly with a very high voltage. Some are silver salts, such as silver chloride, silver nitrate, silver sulfate, etc. Some is produced from a silver salt by chemically precipitating the silver out. There are silver proteins of different kinds. There are other differences. Some are clear as water. Some are brown. One is even black. The silver salts are dangerous and usually attack the flesh, especially in high dosages and often produce a discoloration of the skin. Silver proteins are very high in PPM, but most of that PPM is in the protein, not silver. It is a chemical and the silver is chemically bound and so is not as available. The silver particles suspended therein are often large and are bound in the protein. The protein holds them in suspension. Non-ionic silver is produced chemically. High voltage ionic silver usually has at least some fairly large particles. There has been much publicity about the “Blue Man”. It should be noted that he was producing his own silver with salt, thus producing considerable silver chloride salt and drinking it like water.“LiveSilver” is pure ionic silver and as clear as water. It is produced electroliticaly with low voltage from pure water. This produces fairly small particles. However, we have developed a process to break each of these particles down into about one thousand particles each! This results in a particle size of only .0013 microns! This drastically increases the effectiveness of Live-Silver over other products. That results in many times the effectiveness of other silver products!In addition, we have developed a production process which is computerized to control and regulate the concentration in PPM to an absolutely consistent concentration and double check the concentration by weighing the electrodes before and after each run on a Sartorius-Fairbanks electronic scale accurate to one milligram! The weight of silver consumed is then divided by the water produced in liters to produce an absolutely accurate product. The quality produced is the finest on the market at any price. No expense has been spared. We guarantee it to be the most effective product on the market and absolutely safe. Every seller of silver products will claim their product is the finest. They often say other products are of no value for all kinds of far out reasons. Some of their claims are true. Most is hype. When you buy “LiveSilver” you are sure of a product in which neither time nor money have been spared to give you the finest product. To Order Live-Silver Click Here