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Two glasses of pomegranate juice every day – was the only mean with a help of which I’ve tried to struggle against my weak erection. In spite of the fact I dislike the fruit pomegranate itself, I’d rather consume pineapple or mango juice, as they are more pleasant to me. But all that was done for the sake of erection, much earlier before I’ve got acquainted with Male Extra.

I came across one interesting study according to which pomegranate juice drinking course, which lasts for two months, leads to a great erection enhancement. Right after I made the decision. I haven’t relied on Male Extra for too much, but the idea has penetrated into me immediately. It was just the next experiment on my way to uncovering some new agent against erectile dysfunction. These pills have attracted my attention as the first product of a male enhancement category which contained pomegranate ellagic acid. That can perceptibly exclude spending time and endeavors on peeling fruits and drinking such a sour juice, instead – taking pills with the same outcome on your health.


After a monthly course of Male Extra, which contains Pomegranate Ellagic Acid, Cordyceps, 2-Amino-5-guanidino pentanoic acid, methyl sulfone and others components I can say with no hesitation that this course was resultful.

That was a special moment, as due to Male Extra I returned my self-confidence and stopped taking products like Viagra.

If you also want to try these male enhancement pills, I recommend doubling the dose. The ingredients are quite safe. Hence, you will not face the side effects (unless you have intolerance to one of the components).


Male Extra is made of natural components which have demonstrated the best results speaking of effectiveness for a male function. Here we will speak about the particularities of each natural component of the supplement.

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8 Conclusion: The Best Safe and Natural Male Enhancement Pills


Providing the organism with a nitric oxide, Arginine becomes a stimulator of metabolism in a human body moreover and a great relaxant of the blood vessel walls. So, this composition of chemicals leads to broadening of the blood vessels. This results in the enlargement of the diameter of the lumen.

This feature of nitric oxide is very crucial for resulting a normal sexual function. 1 Under the impact of the signals from the brain, the amount of nitric oxide along with the blood flow in penis increases.

In a consequence, a normal erection occurs. As you can see, nitric oxide is a core agent with an impact on erection. And a lot of researches confirm this fact. The normal dosage of 600mg of L-arginine HCL per day lends the necessary amount of the amino acid in the blood, which is very significant for the male sexual strength.

And nevertheless, though the semen’s basic component is protein, the amino acid discussed herein is compulsory producing a sperm of a such high quality. And this is an extra benefit to the powerful erections and constant orgasms.


Pomegranate is one of the ingredients of Male Extra mostly consisting of ellagic acid. This acid is a robust antioxidant, bettering the blood circulation, which is the best armor from the external negative influence on a human body.

The numerous researches have already shown that even just a course of pomegranate juice consumption for 90 days leads you to perceptible increase of the blood flow.

In accordance, males who drink pomegranate juice regularly enhance their potency. The effectiveness of nitric oxide decreases with the damages of the free radicals.

Still, the pomegranate ellagic acid restrains this, defending the normal blood circulation. These marvelous features of ellagic acid are incredibly demonstrated by the Male Extra. 500 mg dosage per day is the exact amount of this acid necessary to return your self-confidence back. Moreover, there is no other male enhancement pill, consisting of such a great amount of pomegranate ellagic acid. That’s why you can not disagree the fact that Male Extra is 100% exclusive supplement for men with Erectile Dysfunction.


MSM is well-known as a biological ingredient that basically contains sulfur. And sulfur is a necessary compond participating in for many vital processes and functions which occur in the human body. So, due to sulfur, the processes of blood circulation and cell regeneration happen. That influences on the tissues of the male sexual organ too. The reduction od the amount of MSM in organism leads to the cell’s weakening. As a result, the body is not able to manage with a mission to produce the new healthy cells.

Sulfur is necessary for the enrichment of cells with an oxygen, and oxygenation provides energy.

Moreover, sulfur stimulates the synthesis of collagen. It is a well-known fact that collagen is an irreplaceable component which takes part in a normal functioning and growth of the tissues, including penile and gonadal. So fact about the penis size which begins to enlarge after the intake of MSM intake is 100% true. And that is not dangerous at all for any man. As a result, the male sexual organ goes stronger and longer. By the way, MSM also contributes to libido enhancement and boosts up male stamina. As well as a normal size of the penis, those things are needed for a high-grade sexual life.


L-Methionine is very important amino acid which controls a lot of processes in the human body. Thus, this amino acid is responsible for the health of your hair, skin, and nails, for the power of your muscles, regulates the cardiovascular process and supports the tonus of the blood vessels.

Moreover, L-Methionine is also one of the best agents that helps male to better their sexual function by curing erectile dysfunction and averting early ejaculation.

Additionally, the researchers and medical specialists have ensured that L-Methionine can decrease the amount of histamine, hence leading to powerful erections. Also, a small amount of histamine prevents premature ejaculation. This gives male a chance to control own ejaculations and orgasms and, also, helps to perform a better sex.


Zinc is a microelement necessary for the normal functioning of each organ of a human body. Thus, this microelement protects the immune system, improves metabolism, promotes a faster wound healing, helps the production of the protein and construction of DNA, controls the division of cells, stimulates the growth, and helps to feel the taste and smell.

Even more, ED supplements with zinc help to enhance the amount of testosterone, normalizing the functions of this hormone. The scientists prove these facts.

For an instance, one scientist has prooved that a man who consumes less than it’s needed for 8 weeks will have an abrupt reduction of the zinc amount – down by 75% in average. Though, the other man, on the contrary, who obtains a normal amount of zinc and will manage to enlarge the amount of hormone.


Cordyceps Sinensis is a rare ascomycetes fungi with the unique features of healing. All millenary Chinese and Tibetan medicine was based on these mushrooms.

The main ingredients, called, deoxyadenosine and cordycepic acid which are the compounds of Cordyceps turn this mushroom into a real God’s blessing for each male striving to better his sexual life. That happens due to a special property of the mushroom which is manifested by the signals, being sent to the special area in the brain which is responsible for the sexual arousal.

Additionally, the old Chinese medical specialists, as well as the modern medical professionals, are sure that Cordyceps enhances the function of kidneys. In its turn, kidneys make an impact on the function of the reproductive system.

In addition, the researchers of fauna have demonstrated that male enhancement remedies with Cordyceps promote the production of testosterone and enhance a number of active sperm fluids in male animals.


Niacin (another name – Vitamin B3) is a natural ingredient which is considered to be necessary enough for the health of any male, and especially concerning his potency. So, the researches have shown that niacin boosts up the circulation of the blood in the human body as it widens the blood vessels.

Even more, during the scientifical research in Hong Kong, it was uncovered out that the results coming from niacin are the same as the results coming from statins while trying to treat erectile dysfunction.

Moreover, niacin contributes to a raise of the amount of prostaglandin D2 in an organism. As a result, this ingredient betters the male sexual power.


Conclusions: The Best Secure and Organic Male Enhancement Product

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Male Extra has been pronounced the most popular male enhancement product in the niche and the best natural replacement of Viagra.


Consuming the best natural tablets for male potency, you are guaranteed to get not only a real sexual satisfaction but also the feeling of perfect male stamina and general strengthening of the body.