What is the average cost for Levitra?

The prescription medications for the treatment of the erectile dysfunction may have a high cost on the pharmacies. It depends on both a supplier, and a retail chain where the sale is done. Big players on the market such as Walmart set high prices on purpose in order to cover all expenses on keeping staff, pharmacy warehouses, and marketing.

According to the marketing studies, the average cost of Levitra is $25-$30 per dose. This cost may be lower in some states of the USA. For example, the average cost of a dose of Levitra is $15.891 in Seattle.

As men should take the Levitra pills on a regular basis to keep the optimal level of the erection, the expenses on the ED treatment are at least $500. The cost is too high for pills that give a temporal effect. But if the average cost for Levitra is explored in the online pharmacies, these values will differ.

A cost of each dose of Levitra will be less than $5 in online pharmacies. The average cost of every pill is $2-2,5.

A difference in the cost is achieved by selling Generics of the Indian production in the online pharmacies, and they cost cheaper but they are produced by the original formula of Vardenafil.

The expenses on marketing also influence on the difference in price. Keeping online pharmacies and its promotion is cheaper, and therefore the average cost for Levitra and other PDE5 inhibitors is lower.

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