Wounds Medical Research and Customer Reports Indicate Ionic Silver Heals Burns and Wounds Fast Without Scarring

Ionic Silver has an amazing ability to heal burns and wounds in a fraction of the normal time. In the best seller, “The Body Electric”, author Research Scientist Robert O. Becker of New York Medical Hospital in Syracuse states …(stem cells produced by silver ions) profoundly stimulate soft tissue healing in a way that’s unlike any known natural process. We don’t know how electrically produced silver ions differ from ordinary dissolved ions, only that they do.” ‘Silver ions” are the same thing as “ionic silver”. “Dissolver ions” are chemicals such as silver salts etc. In “The Body Electric, as well as in several of his published research papers, Doctor Becker repeatedly mentions silver’s ability to cause needed cells to dedifferentiate (become stem cells).

“In his published paper “EFFECTS OF ELECTRICALLY GENERATED SILVER IONS ON HUMAN CELLS AND WOUND HEALING”, on page 11 Dr. Robert O. Becker states his research indicated bone grafts healed in one tenth the time as standard medically treated grafts! On page 12 he reports the tissues healed in one fifth to one sixth the time medically treated wounds healed. Most of the injuries Dr. Becker was working with were injuries that refused to heal at all after extensive orthodox treatment. This indicates that the combination of silver’s amazingly broad spectrum anti bacterial qualities, combined with its amazing ability to produce stem cells where needed will produce amazing results in healing wounds. Not only will the wounds heal much faster, but the wounds heal where they otherwise would not. Wounds also heal more completely, filling in deep wounds and leaving little or no scar tissue where they normally would leave large scar tissue. Dr. Becker refers to other researchers with similar results.

Our customers report these same amazing results. One well documented case is that of Betty of Huntington Beach, CA whose arm is shown below.

The wound on the right was treated by a doctor, with a medic aid treating it dayly. It took 16 WEEKS to heal and left a scar almost the size of the wound. The second oval is where she scraped her arm again leaving a wound only slightly smaller than the first. This time the wound was treated with Live-Silver by the same medic aid. This time it healed in 16 DAYS and left a very small scar, which she said almost disappeared later! Click here to read Betty’s story.

Below are pictures of a thoroughbred bred filly. She tore a hole in her leg about 2 inches in diameter all the way to the bone, exposing the bone. This tore through two mussels! A vet said she would have to be put in a horse hospital immediately and the bone scrapped or the bone would definitely be infected and there was no treatment for the infected bone. If the bone were not treated immediately in the horse hospital, the horse would die. He required a $5,000 deposit and estimated the total treatments at $28,000. He also said the wound would have a depressed area when it was healed with a scar and the horse would never race.

Instead, the wound was treated by flushing the wound out with a garden hose, the hydrogen peroxide, then Robey ionic colloidal silver water and a cotton wad soaked in the silver was packed in the wound. This was done ever day until healed. The first picture was taken about three weeks after the accident. You can see the flesh has well covered the bone and is growing in from the sides. The second picture shows the wound almost healed. The white areas are from hydrogen peroxide. The third picture shows the final result. There is no sign at all of the wound. The hair has all grown back and there is no scar tissue under the hair. The Horse walks and gallops normally and is being trained as a jumper. The horse does not show any tenderness to the touch.

The third set of pictures is of a cat that was found with its paw through its collar and a very deep wound worn into its joint. Below is the story as told by the second vet who healed it:

“The pictures are of the front leg under the elbow. The injury happened with a collar caught under the arm for months. The stray cat was treated for 2 years by a vet with no results. I treated it for 4 weeks with Live-Silver. The first picture is about two weeks into treatment. The wound was about twice that big when I first began treatment two weeks before. It was so infected after 2 years of treatment by the first vet that the poor cat had tracks of pus draining down the inside of the front leg. The silver cleared that up in three days. The owners are delighted with the results. The previous vet almost had the owners convinced to remove the leg. I was the last chance.” Diane, DVM This amazing ability to heal seems to be due to ionic silver’s ability to produce stem cells when needed. Click Here to read more about Silver’s ability to product Stem Cells.

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