There are many sites on the web for silver products, most of them making ridiculous claims or attacking one another. However, the two subjects they are not discussing are the only two of real importance. These are the kill time of pathogens and the toxicity of their products. The kill time is the only measure of effectiveness. While the kill time will vary considerably depending on several variables, to get a fair comparison of products, we test by microscopic tests of the common and obtainable cultures of pathogens including E-Coli; Staph; Salmonella Typhi and the yeast, Candida Albacans. As the kill time was proportionate for all the products for the different pathogens, we are only listing the kill time for the standard test of E-Coli. The weakest are listed first. All products were 20 PPM except those over 20 PPM which were tested at the strengths shown.

Product Kill Time Minutes Seconds Toxicity Water Meso Silver 3 17 No Light Brown Deionized Water Medical Journal MSP 500 PPM 3 14 Medium Chemical Deionized water Natural Path 500 PPM 3 12 Medium Light Brown Deionized water Source Natural 3 8 No Yellow Deionized water Ultra Colloid 3 1 No Brown Deionized water Sovereign Silver 2 52 No Yellow Deionized water ASAP 2 32 No Clear Deionized water Live-Silver 1 56 No Clear Distilled water

Deionized water is extremely pure in terms of dissolved solids. However, the chemicals used to dionize the water are a perfect breeding ground for bacteria. Bacteria breed very rapidly in the tanks. While colloidal silver normally kills these bacteria, we prefer to pay for the extra cost of fresh distilled water for producing Live-silver and Candid-X. Click here to see More reasons why Live-Silver is best.
These test results prove Live-Silver is far superior to any other product on the market and more effective than any other product up to 500 PPM. One reason for this is that we are actually weighing the silver consumed in each batch and dividing the water used in each batch in liters by the silver consumed in milligrams to obtain the exact PPM, not just guessing at it. This is further controlled during production by computer. Another more important reason for this is that Live-Silver has genuine very small particles as substantiated by independent laboratory tests. The particles produced by braking down the original particles into particles of only one tenth the normal diameter results in an increase of the number of particles per cubic centimeter of 1,000 times! These particles are then ionically charged resulting in an ionic charge of 97% in the finished product.

It is important to understand the difference between parts per million and parts per cubic centimeter. These are two entirely different things. If we have a block of silver weighing one milligram and place it in one cubic centimeter of water we have 1,000 parts per million of silver. However this one block of silver will only be one part per cubic centimeter. This will certainly be of no health benefit. However, if we break this one part down into one million parts, we still have 1,000 parts per million, but we now have one million parts per cubic centimeter. This is a much more important factor in judging effectiveness than parts per million.

In some products claiming a very small particle size, the percent of ionic charge is measured before the particles are broken down. Therefore after the particles are broken down, most of them are now not ionized and the claims of percent ionization are very misleading. Some producers claim some of the particles should not be charged for best results, but give no reason. It is only that theirs are not. For maximum effectiveness as an anti bacterial agent, as well as for maximum healing of wounds, the ionic charge is necessary. We also add four healing frequencies to the water. Water has a miraculous quality of retaining frequencies. When adding one of these frequencies, we suddenly found that it eliminated the ancient complaint of silver staining and discoloring everything it toughed. That is why we call Live-Silver “The Clean Silver”. Another of these four frequencies is the very energy of life without which all things are dead. That is why we call our silver “Live-Silver”.

Laboratory tests for toxicity are more difficult. However, silver products containing silver chemicals are toxic and all products over 80 PPM contain silver chemicals. These silver chemicals may be bound in a protein such as gelatin or milk and often say “keep refrigerated”; “Shake before using”; “Keep away from children” or ”Keep away from eyes”. They often warn against taking more than a certain, often small, ineffective dosage, because they are toxic. They often warn against getting any in the eye because they attack the flesh, although only mildly because they are highly diluted. They may call themselves “colloidal silver”, but they are not. They may call themselves “mild silver protein” in order to comply with labeling law. Some of their labels do not comply with labeling requirements. They are a chemical and the silver is chemically bound and not readily available. Furthermore, the parts per million is of the chemical, including the protein and NOT THE SILVER ALONE. Therefore, the PPM of silver is far less than they indicate, AND CHEMICALLY BOUND. True ionic colloidal silver will not bother the eyes and is often used very successfully with pink eye, and other eye infections. These silver chemical products often claim they are so effective that only a very little is required because their PPM is so high. However, as you can see by the results shown in the chart above, this is just not so.

True ionic colloidal silver is as clear as water and has very little taste. If it has much color, it has considerable impurities of some kind.

Some silver products claim to have a patent on their product. If they do, it is not colloidal silver, but some chemical. Colloidal silver is not patentable. They may have a patent on the process of producing it, as we do. However, the product itself is not patentable. The fact that a product is patented does not in any way indicate it is an improvement or effective. It only indicates it is new. If it is new, it is a chemical, and until fully tested to prove otherwise, is probably dangerous, as almost all silver chemicals are.

Producers of silver chemicals call their products “colloidal silver” because they know that is the real product and no one would buy their product if it were properly labeled. They use a chemical because it is very cheap and easy to produce. In the words of research scientist Robert O. Becker of New York University in Syracuse, after twenty years of research; “We don’t know how electrically produced silver ions differ from ordinary dissolved ions, only that they do.” Further, speaking on ionic colloidal silver, Dr. Becker states, “We may have only scratched the surface of positive silver’s medical brilliance. Already it’s an amazing tool. It stimulates bone-forming cells, cures the most stubborn infections of all kinds of bacteria, and stimulates healing in skin and other soft tissues.” In his best seller, “The Body Electric” He devotes a whole chapter to ionic silver which he calls “The Silver Wand”. The “dissolved ions” he speaks of are chemicals.

Some silver products claim to be made from .9999 laboratory grade silver. This seems doubtful considering laboratory grade silver in sizes large enough for electrodes is virtually impossible to obtain. Furthermore, the price is almost astronomic and there seems to be no advantage. The common “Fine” silver at .999 has only 1 part impurity in one thousand. This might be of concern if it were nickel or lead. However, in the silver we use and probably most others, almost all of that “impurity” is copper. While copper can be toxic in much larger amounts than that, at these levels it is a needed nutrient. Furthermore, a slice of bread probably has that much copper in it and maybe that much nickel and lead. A glass of tap water has much more fluoride in it than that and IS very toxic. Why then pay a huge premium to avoid it and probably get it anyway?