Less than 10% of Internal Cancer Patients are Completely Cured of Cancer by Conventional Treatments. Some Always Did Recover Without Modern Treatments. Read Chapter 12 from the book “A Miraculous Health Substance” by Marvin Lee Robey THE CAUSE AND ALTERNATIVE TREATMENT OF CANCER In the last 150 years the medical field has promised hundreds of new treatments for cancer, most of which were promised to be THE cure for most cancers. Probably all of them have been based upon the concept of killing the cancer. In all of these years, billions of dollars in research, and probably trillions of dollars in wasted medical bills, cancer patients are not living any longer than they did hundreds of years ago. The number of people with cancer has increased exponentially since the FDA has begun controlling food additives, medications and cancer treatments. The only reduction of the suffering of cancer patients has been in giving them morphine and other pain killers. Actually the modern treatments have greatly increased the suffering, by largely removing the patient from the comforts of home, family and friends and often immediately turning the patient into a complete invalid before the time it would happen if the cancer were running its course. Those who survive the conventional cancer treatments are often in poor health thereafter, although not always. One might expect the word “cure” to mean the condition was completely eliminated. However, they have redefined the word to mean anyone living more than five years after the condition was diagnosed. They may die five years and one day after the diagnoses, but it counts as a cure. Statistics appear to indicate that only 7% are completely free of cancer after orthodox treatment. Although there have been allopathic doctors and naturopathic doctors who have claimed to consistently cure cancer, and there is a lot of evidence that they really did, the establishment refuses to recognize or even examine any of these claims. Many of them have died in prison for their efforts. The established medical field, heavily protected by law to where it is often illegal to even publish statements refuting there practices, keeps claiming they now have just received the real treatment for cancer. Throughout history there have been many treatments for cancer. Many were a hoax and a ruse for collecting money from the patients and their families. Still many stories in history seem to indicate that some of these treatments did work. One commonly used in Europe up until modern times and probably still sometimes today, was the “grape cure”. This consisted of eating almost nothing but grapes and raisins and drinking nothing but grape juice. It is said that it often did work. In light of modern scientific studies outside of the drug companies, it can be seen that it might have worked, if a person could maintain this diet long enough. An interesting study is in patients definitely diagnosed with cancer who have recovered completely without any treatments of any kind. Oncologists admit to these rare cases but put little effort into studying why they recovered. Their recovery pattern is always completely contrary to the established pattern and the establishment cannot relate to it. One typical and well documented case is that of John Metzke, as reported in an Article in Discover; “Citizen, Heal Thyself”, September 2007.[27] In 1973 John developed a large lump in his armpit and it was diagnosed as malignant melanoma. He did not have anything done with it at that time, but 11 years later, it had spread into his lung. His oncologist, Dr Joseph F. O’Donnell, judged his chances of recovery as very slim and urged an immediate operation. John decided the treatments might be more than he could survive at the time and decided to take a month to build up his health first. He began taking long hikes in the mountains, improved his diet and began meditating by visualizing himself healthy, with good healthy cells replacing his diseased cells, and healthy blood flowing to the area. At the end of the month his health was greatly improved and he reported back to his oncologist for his treatments. There was only one problem. The oncologist could not find any sign of any cancer! The cancer never returned. Although there are enough such cases to prove it is possible, the medical field does little to investigate or study any of these cases. What can be learned from these cases? I am not a doctor; I am a medical researcher. Therefore nothing herein should be considered to be a prescription for any health problem or any diagnoses of any condition. The following should be viewed for information and educational purposes only. However, I think some of my research on the subject of cancer is quite interesting and I hope it will be very helpful to many people. I therefore present the results of my studies for the reader’s consideration only, as follows: Recently, an allopathic surgeon and oncologist in Italy has published a book in three languages in which he claims to have cured many patients over the last twenty years considered incurable by the general medical field. What is the main treatment he has used? Common sodium bicarbonate! Ridiculous! Impossible! But, probably quite true. His name is Dr. Tullio Simoncini and his web site is[28] His book is “Cancer is a Fungus”. Yes, Dr. Simoncini says it quite clearly: Cancer is Candida Albacans. Although trained in the conventional medical field, his theories in his specialty of cancer are 180 degrees from present day conventional medicine. And yet everything he says makes perfect sense. Is he right or is the present day medical field right? He is apparently curing cancer consistently, while present day medicine is often increasing the suffering, often in hospitals away from family and friends and the comforts of home. A few recover. They always did. If they recover after being treated by alternative methods the doctors usually reply; “It was apparently a false diagnoses.” The original diagnoses was always their diagnoses. If that is the case, the question comes to mind: “How many of their patients who recovered were falsely diagnosed and never did have cancer?” In modern times the medical field claims statistics show an increase in their cancer cures. However, an investigation shows that they have redefined the word “cure” when applied to cancer as a case in which a person diagnosed with cancer lives five years after the diagnoses. If a patient lives five years and one day after being diagnosed with cancer he (or she) is counted as a cure by the medical profession. Thus the statistics have been altered to make it seem that there are more people cured of cancer today than there used to be. But are there? Dr. Simoncini treats his patients primarily as out patients, requiring little or no hospitalization! His treatments are relatively low cost. So what is Dr. Simoncini saying? How does he explain this radical idea? His book is aimed partly at the medical field and the explanations are sometimes hard for the average reader to understand. However, his theories and treatments are simple and easily understood. I will try to explain them in simple and brief terms for the readers. Another researcher in the field is Marijah Mc Cain, [29] a microscope specialist and head of the Herbal Healer Academy, who is equipped with a special microscope in which she claims to have a higher magnification than most doctors have available. With that tool she has searched the blood for Candida Albacans and other fungus. She reports that in virtually every case of a health problem that defies treatment, fungus has heavily infected the blood, although the medical schools still insist that fungus is not systemic (cannot live in the blood). She further reports that after chemotherapy as well as radiation therapy, the tissues were a heavy matt of fine fungus. She states the fungus grows with extreme rapidity after chemotherapy as well as radiation and circulates throughout the body. She further states it is the fungus that kills the patient. She states the fungus is from candida albacans which has mutated into a seemingly very different fungus under an acidic condition. In this, Marijah McCain is in complete agreement with Dr. Simoncini, although they have arrived at their conclusions from entirely different directions and entirely independently of each other. Marijah Mc Cain uses herbs, and other natural substances to treat cancer. We also know from multiple sources that; like Dr. Simoncini and Marijah Mc Cain emphasize, a cancer patient invariably is highly acidic, in the blood and the intestine as well as the saliva. A PH of 7.4 in the saliva is considered ideal. It will usually be slightly lower in the morning and slightly higher toward evening. It should be checked in the morning before eating or drinking anything, but after the dry mouth has been well flushed out with the fresh saliva. The PH is actually the ratio of oxygen to hydrogen. Alkaline substances are oxygen based while acid substances are hydrogen based. An equal balance of both reads 7.0. Thus, alkaline foods are oxygenating while acid foods are high in hydrogen, which apparently absorbs oxygen, probably forming water (H20). The PH scale is logarithmic. Thus, the difference between a PH of 6 and 7 is ten times as much as between 5 and 6 and the difference between 6 and 7 is 100 times the difference between 4 and 5. It is often considered that the acid-alkaline level of a person is a very good indication of their health, especially what their health will be in the near future. This all conforms to Otto Warburg’s research showing that cancer is a lack of oxygen to the cells and oxygen starvation will always result in cancer. For this work he was awarded the Nobel Prize three times and nominated a fourth. Raising the PH up to 7.4 is not easy in our modern world of refined and denatured foods, which are very low in oxygen and the low oxygen levels in the air. Alkaline foods provide the body with oxygen, as Otto Warburg told us was the cure for cancer. Alkaline foods produce an alkaline digestive tract and an oxygenated body in general. Acid forming foods starve the whole body of oxygen. The common belief that all of our oxygen comes from our lungs is an over simplification of the truth. All of the oxygen in our blood does come from the lungs and we cannot live long without that source of oxygen. However, every tissue in the body contains oxygen. The oxygen in our tissues is chemically bound in alkaline substances and not available to the blood. Both Dr. Simoncini and Marijah Mc Cain agree; in cancer patients the acid level has usually below 5 and often down to about 4.5 PH. This level is extremely dangerous and leaves a person exhausted and prone to other very serious disease. The tissues of our body are starved for oxygen and become deformed. Much below that usually results in death. Dr. Simoncini bases his cancer treatment almost entirely on the concept of raising the patients PH level up to the mid 7 range and does this with sodium bicarbonate. He says this is highly anti-fungal, as well as being very alkaline. This is administered orally and intravenously. He warns that the exact dosage can be critical especially when using it intravenously. The author advises the reader to study the entire Chapter 8, “Candida and Other Yeasts”, Chapter 9, “What Causes Candida” and Chapter 11, “Treating Candida”, in his book “A Miraculous Health Substance” and consider them as included at this point. Some specific considerations in the treatment of cancer follows. Much of this also applies to health problems in general. Candida is a major factor in general deterioration of a person’s health. In the words of Otto Warburg; “The terrain is everything”. By that he meant the PH, the sugar level, the protein level, the oxygen level etc. Candida loves sugars and sweets, but mutates very easily into a number of seemingly different fungus depending on the “terrain”, especially in an acid environment. When the diet becomes highly acid, from eating largely sugars, starches and excessive proteins, the PH often drops to about 5. At this acid level, the candida becomes ravenously hungry, mutates and becomes a parasite, now consuming any tissue it can find, including live tissues and produces more acidic wastes. At this acid level the candida is very irritating to the intestines and commonly eats away at the intestine until it produces a porous intestine at some point. This is known as a perforated intestine. The candida then passes into the blood. Once in the blood at a PH of 5 or less, the candida eventually will settle into one or sometimes more organs. Now the patient has “cancer”, although it takes a long time in most cases to become diagnosable. The organ is being consumed by the fungus and cannot carry out its proper functions. As the fungus attacks the organ, some organs often regrow, always attempting to maintain a healthy organ. In these cases, the cancer is the older part of the organ that the fungus is attacking. If we destroy the “cancer” with radiation or chemotherapy, we break down the cancer cells and produce a huge feast for the fungus. Yes, the cancer appears to be gone or greatly reduced and the treatment is often very impressive. But in the case of chemo, the cells throughout the body are being attacked by the chemo, although not as heavily as the cancer cells. As a result the chemo or the radiation must be discontinued until the patient regains enough health to withstand more destruction. The candida now grows at a new, much higher rate, feeding off of the destroyed very acid destroyed cancer cells, and as a result, the cancer regrows at an amazing speed in many cases. By the time the patient has recovered enough to withstand more treatment, the cancer has often regrown to its original size and sometimes larger. The patient is usually led to believe the cancer would be growing just as fast without the treatments and that the treatments are the only thing keeping them temporarily alive. This is usually not true, although the doctor often believes it. The highly accelerated growth rate of the cancer is produced by the almost explosive growth rate of the fungus. The explosive growth rate of the candida is due to the breaking down of the tissues into a form the candida thrives on in an extremely acid condition. The chemotherapy destroys much more than the cancer tissue, including some of the new healthy regrowth of the diseased organ and part of the entire body. Radiation is more closely controlled and limited to the treated area, at least in general. However, the destroyed tissue along with the candida feeding on the body tissues is circulating throughout the body in both cases and broken down cells from the destroyed tissues is even more acidic. If the cancer is totally destroyed in its original area, the fungal infection is still there and moves on to another area. The broken down acidic cells carry the cancer with them. Recent statistics show various long term heart damage from radiation treatments of the left breast. Ionic colloidal silver is the only safe, effective treatment for a fungus in the blood. It will kill the candida and other unfriendly bacteria, fungus and virus in the digestive system AND the blood without side effects. Silver salts collect in the body organs. Vitamin C cleanses the body of toxins. Too much vitamin C causes diarrhea. The more toxins there are in a person the more vitamin C the body consumes and can consume without diarrhea. Due to the very high levels of toxins produced by cancer in the system, the cancer consumes extremely high levels of vitamin C. World famous medical researcher and Nobel Prize winner, Linus Pauling published medical papers revealing his extensive research showing that megadoses of vitamin C cured cancer. His evidence was extensive and vary impressive. However, the pharmacitical companies immediately ran tests in which they claimed his results were incorrect. More recent investigation has shown their tests were highly questionable and support his work. Cancer has also been shown to consume large doses of vitamin A, evidenced by the typical watering of the eyes in many cancer patients. Megadoses of vitamin A have been shown to aid in cancer treatments. In the early 80’s laetrile (vitamin B-17) was widely discussed as the cure for cancer. Medical studies revealed that it was very effective in the treatment of cancer. Being cheaply produced from apricot seeds, which are so rich in it that a drug need not be produced from it, it did not interest the drug companies and they began research to prove it would not cure cancer. Actually they were right. Laetrile will not cure cancer. But what they did not tell us is that all research substantiates the fact that laetrile does aid in preventing and treating cancer. It can even be had from raw almonds, although not in large quantity. It is somewhat bitter in its pure form. In an article in Nexus magazine Volume 15, no.1 entitled “The Importance of Iodine for Good Health”, Dr. Donald W. Miller, Jr. MD claims the people in the U.S. are extremely deficient in iodine to the point of disease and suggests we need about 10 milligrams a day but are getting about one fortieth of that! He relates this to cancer and especially breast cancer, ovarian and uterine cancers. Another major factor in the development of the conditions leading to the deterioration of health is a stagnant lymph system. The heart pumps the blood through the arteries to the capillaries which distribute the blood to all the minute areas of the body. The blood carries the nutrients with it. However, the actual blood cells only touch a very small fraction of the body cells. The blood does not deliver the nutrients to most of the cells. Instead, the fluid of the blood (plasma) passes through the capillary walls and forms the fluid the cells are immersed in and the cells absorb these nutrients from this fluid, now the interstitial fluid. The blood cells are left behind in the capillaries. The healthy body cells are alkaline. The interstitial fluid is saline, alkaline and contains the nutrients for the cells. The interior of each cell is alkaline. The cells have sensors which draw in certain needed nutrients. If the nutrients in the interstitial fluid is very far out of balance one or more excessive nutrients will accumulate and block the flow of the other nutrients to; and the wastes from; the cells. Inside the cells are the mitochondria, the organs of the cell that convert the nutrients within the cell. These mitochondria function electrically. If the interstitial fluid is not composed of the right balance of chemicals the electric flow will be disrupted and the mitochondria will not function properly. Therefore the nutrients will not be properly absorbed. The commonest problem is an imbalance of the sodium to potassium ratio and this ratio is critical. This fluid must also be slightly saline. If either the sodium is too high or the potassium too high it can suddenly become very serious, to the point of death. However, if the imbalance is not too great, the problem is often a low level health problem. In the modern diet the sodium is almost always too high in relation to the potassium. The salt substitute commonly sold in the stores is potassium chloride. It tastes almost like common table salt. It will bring the potassium level up and in most cases tend to balance the sodium potassium ratio. Some drugs will seriously wreck this ratio. Clarence D. Cone, former head of the Molecular Biophysics Laboratory at NASA’s Langley Research Center found that “proliferation of malignant cells in cultures can be effectively ‘turned off’ by suitably lowering the intercellular sodium concentration while elevating the potassium…” Excessive amino acids (protein) in interstitial fluids also block this passage of nutrients and toxins in and out of the cells. In the western diet, proteins are usually too high in the diet, causing at least some of this blockage of lymph fluids. This is why almost every alternative treatment for cancer restricts the consumption of proteins and most prohibit red meats from the diet. The body should never be on a diet that does not allow the normal body needs for protein, but should be limited to what it does need. More is not better. Any excessive nutrient can block the interstitial fluids from transferring their nutrients to the cells and absorbing the wastes. This can include sugars and this condition is related to diabetes.The interstitial fluids become the lymph fluids once they have delivered the nutrients to the cells and absorbed the wastes from the cells. The fluids are now ready to return to the blood. Neither the interstitial fluids nor the lymph fluids are moved by the heart. They must be flushed through the healthy tissues, then through the lymph glands. In the lymph glands they are filtered for dangerous poisons such as from bites and infections, processed to clean them up and eventually pass into the veins, mixing back in with the blood cells. However, to do this these lymph fluids must be moved by the new fluids coming in, the general body movements or the diaphragm. When one breathes deeply with the diaphragm, the lymph fluids gush through the system. Some people breath so shallowly that they lose their ability to move the diaphragm. People who work hard physically or otherwise exercise heavily breathe deeply with the diaphragm. Also their body movement moves the fluids through the body. A person who is not used to doing so and takes a deep breath with the diaphragm will often feel dizzy momentarily. This is caused by the flushing of the stagnant lymph fluids and thus the toxins through the brain. Such dizziness is a sure sign that the persons’ lymph fluids are stagnant. The lack of circulation of lymph fluids drastically lowers ones health in general. It is essential when fighting cancer and most other chronic diseases to get these fluids moving properly and thus help to establish a proper “terrain”. Another factor in cancer treatment is the attitude of the patient. Does he have a will to live? Does he have a future he wants to see? I once knew a 71 year old man who told me he and his wife had toured the whole country before deciding where to retire. They bought a beautiful home in a very good neighborhood and had a very nice sail boat. They had just gotten their new house fixed up the way they wanted it. Then while sailing one day a small storm came up and they headed into their dock, but had trouble docking the boat. After that his wife would not go sailing again. They met while square dancing and had joined a square dance club within walking distance of their house. But, after a couple of years his wife had a disagreement with some of the members and would not go square dancing again. His wife spent all of her waking time cleaning. She took the cook stove apart and cleaned behind it and the refrigerator every day. She even climbed on top of the two story house and swept the roof! She never stopped. He wanted her to spend some time with him. His three children had not come to visit him as he had expected. Other friends and relatives failed to make the trip. His wife’s daughter and son both moved to Florida. Then they had an unusually cold winter. Now the wife decided they had not moved far enough south and they were moving to Florida. He called me up and told me his problems. He said he was not moving to Florida. I asked him what he was going to do. Was he going to stay there alone? “No!” Was he going to move back with his family? “No!” How about moving to his brother’s? “No!” Well what are you going to do? “I don’t know!” Soon thereafter he called and told me he had cancer of the colon and the doctors did not think they could operate or use any other treatment. I told him of the Bio-Med Clinic in Tijuana and he was ready to go but his wife would not hear of it. She talked the doctor into telling him a new treatment had just come out that would treat his condition. He waited and waited for the treatment until he was not able to go to Mexico and then got his treatment, from which he did not survive. The point of this story is that he had refused to accept any of the alternatives he could see in life. He certainly did not want to die. But he did not want to accept any of the alternatives he could see. He needed a way to get some time with his wife and to get his friends and relatives to visit him. His subconscious mind found a solution to all of his problems (almost all). I believe the subconscious mind obeys our directions to a very large extent although not our wishes or desires. Remember the story of Aladdin’s Lamp. Be careful what you ask for. It is also very much influenced by what it hears and believes, even while asleep. The strong messages he was giving it left no choice but death. But death by cancer was a very clever solution. If he was dying of cancer, his wife would have to spend a lot of time caring for him. His family and friends would have to come to visit him. He would not have to move anywhere. The subconscious found a solution to all of his requirements. We must have a will to live, something to live for, some goal in life, some interest in the future. When we want out of our present circumstances, we have to plan the way out and carry out our plans. If we leave it to our subconscious mind, we may not like its solution. A strong feeling of being a victim in life and a feeling that life is not fair, usually eventually leads to health problems. There are several books by medical doctors on this subject. One good one is “Mind as Healer, Mind as Slayer”, by Kenneth. R. Pelletier. Dr. Ryke Homer, MD, former head internist in the oncology clinic at the University of Munich, Germany, has developed a method of treating cancer and other serious conditions which he calls “German New Medicine” His web site is:(
2007/08/21/a-new-view-of-cancer-german-new-medicine.aspx). Dr. Hamer claims a success rate of over 95% in cancer patients who have not had chemotherapy, radiation, or surgery. His treatments are psychological only. In most cases of “spontaneous regression” the patient has changed his mental attitude, his diet, has exercised and adopted much better health habits. In the case of John Matzke it seems probable from all we know that he had done all of this. But he tells us he did one more important thing. John visualized himself as being in perfect health. He visualized his blood as healing his lung and pouring life into it. He visualized new healthy cells replacing the diseased cells. He also visualized the things he wanted to do in the future. The power of the mind cannot be denied by any open minded person that has investigated it. I have seen hundreds of people walk barefooted across red hot coals that would fry meat instantly, twice the heat of a frying pan, and do so slowly and calmly. I have seen a seven year old boy led slowly over these super hot coals and then go right back and do it again with no injuries whatsoever. I have also seen non-believers run across the same coals and receive severe burns. The difference? All in the mind.            
MY 11 POINT SUGGESTED CANCER TREATMENT Summing up my eleven point program for internal cancer, the treatment is:
1. Kill off the candida in the intestines and in the blood by working up to one ounce of LiveSilver or one and a half ounces  of common ionic silver three times a day taken on an empty stomach.
2. Bring the PH of the saliva up to 7 or higher if possible.
3. Begin an exercise program involving deep breathing with the diaphragm, a half hour a day if possible, even lying down if necessary. If the patient is too weak to exercise, he(she) can sit on a rebounder while someone bounces it up and down.
4. Eat only the protein needed and no red meat.
5. Reduce the carbohydrates to normal, eliminating refined sugars and starches.
6. Reestablish a healthy, active digestive system with live culture apple cider vinegar, live culture yogurt, kefir, sauerkraut etc.
7. Bring your sodium-potassium ratio to normal.
8. Actively visualize the cancer being healed, the healthy red blood flowing heavily to the cancer, healing it and being very healthy. Hypnoses would probably help in this.
9. Actively plan your future and develop an interest in people, pets, plants, hobbies and things. Find someone or something that actually needs you and care for them (it) and put some love in your life, even if it is only for some plants. Love is giving with pleasure. Not just recieving.Take on some minor obligations. Develop some purpose in life. Someone or something needs you. You need them. All things in life need to be needed, including you. Remember the parable of the fig tree. Love is life and life is love.
10. Take megadoses of vitamin C, A and B-17 (laetrile)
11. Increase the iodine intake to about 10 milligrams per day, but be careful iodine can be toxic. In cases of breast cancer, uterine cancer, cervical cancer and prostate cancer, the iodine is particularly important and the hormone balance should be checked. Many medications can cause these imbalances and should be investigated.
Cancer is not just a disease. It is not only a growth in one organ of the body. It is a condition of a very sick body. It is a fungus in the blood. It is also a state of mind. It is an acidic condition of the body. It is a condition of oxygen starvation. However, the body can be changed very quickly just with heavy doses of silver. Begin gradually over a period of three days or more. If a rash breaks out on the skin, reduce the dosage for a couple of days and then increase it again. The rash is caused by the silver killing off the candida faster than the body can eliminate the toxins. It is just working too well. All the other changes listed above will definitely help and are largely required. They will also result in greatly improved health. To remain cancer free and healthy a real effort to carry out the above program will be necessary. The overall program can produce very rapid results. John Matzke completely healed his serious cancer in one month! Others have too. Most take a little longer. There are several ways to bring the PH up. Dr. Simoncini raises the PH fast with sodium bicarbonate. Obviously his method is quick, easy and works. Unfortunately, if nothing else is done about the low acidic PH, it will revert to where it was when the sodium bicarbonate is discontinued. However, my main concern for Dr. Simoncini’s treatments is it would seem the sodium to potassium ratio would very quickly get too far out of balance, especially since it is almost always too high in sodium to begin with. Dr. Simoncini speaks of his hope that a pharmaceutical company will develop a product that will do this better than the bicarbonate of soda. Mother nature has already provided us with such substances. All hot peppers are very good. One of these is cayenne pepper. It can be purchased in the health food store in capsules. It heals many problems of the digestive tract including ulcers. It expands the blood vessels, increasing the blood flow. It should not be given to people on blood thinners. Placing cayenne pepper under the tongue of a person having a heart attack is the very best and fastest way to stop a heart attack. It will burn the tongue some but save the life. Peppers are very alkaline. That makes them ideal for quickly raising the PH. Calcium, potassium and minerals in general are other nutrients that raise the PH rather fast. Mineral salts will not change the PH noticeably. Calcium should only be taken with magnesium and vitamin D. The magnesium also raises the PH. Only a very good source of calcium should be used as most calcium supplements are almost insoluble and will form in the joints instead of the bones and teeth, producing arthritis, rheumatism and other calcium problems. Greens are the best source of these minerals. However, it takes a lot of greens to change the PH very much. Greens also provide iron and carotene which forms vitamin A, but cancer patients cannot always convert carotene to vitamin A. A lot of carotene is sold as vitamin A. A cheap, easy way to get these greens is from tablets of some kind of greens. Some are rather expensive, while some are quite cheap and satisfactory. It usually takes about nine tablets a day depending on their size. Coral calcium seems to be a good source of calcium, as it is claimed to be 95% soluble. This is still not as good as greens. Another good way to raise the PH is with alkalized water. The water is passed through an electrolytic process which separates the minerals from the acids. The acid portion is used for cleaning or thrown away, while the alkaline water is taken orally. This is an easy way to improve the health in general and probably the easiest way to raise the PH. This is produced from your tap water as you need it and is used for cooking and all of your drinking water needs. The taste of the water is only slightly altered and is pleasant. This also removes the chlorine and florid! This is very close to a high mineral spring water but much more alkaline. Of course it depends upon the mineral content of the water to begin with. It works best on hard water. The whole family will be treated and may not even know it. This water alone will significantly raise the PH. A combination of these and perhaps figs would be a very good way to very quickly raise the PH. These treatments can be almost as fast and effective as intravenous treatments although raising the PH to 7.4 is very difficult. Still better is a good diet which will bring the PH up to where it should be from good foods. This will be difficult for most people in our modern society. There are several books on the subject. You can find almost everything you need to know by looking up “acid alkaline diet” on the web. This is the real way to health, but takes a very determined effort. Although a drastic change in the diet will almost always seem very unpleasant, the body adapts to what is eaten and in six weeks a new diet usually seems like the diet of preference. In general, meats and fish are acid forming. Fruits and vegetables are alkaline forming. Minerals are alkaline forming. Surprisingly, acid fruit juices such as citrus, tomato and pineapple are alkaline forming. Live culture apple cider vinegar, although strongly acid, forms an alkali in the body and is excellent. Candida can be almost eliminated in both the digestive system and the blood by raising the PH to the mid 7 range. Silver will eliminate the candida faster and more completely and much easier. In the case of cancer, the evidence appears to support the concept that the silver will also help to heal and rebuild the diseased organ and return it to health. Silver’s ability to produce the needed dedifferentiated (stem) cells is a very important function of silver in the treatment of cancer. This will not take the place of a good diet or the above listed changes. However, other treatments will not take the place of silver. A person can easily test the PH of their saliva by buying some very inexpensive litmus paper from a drug store, a good health food store or pool supply store. The best time to check it is just after getting up in the morning, before drinking anything including water or food. Then wet the litmus paper with fresh saliva and compare the color with the chart furnished. For vitamin C, a powdered or crystalline Vitamin C is much cheaper than tablets or capsules and dissolves quicker, does not have the fillers, is more completely dissolved and tastes much like citrus juices. It is easily mixed with juices. It is best to buy it with the bioflavonoids, if you can find it. It should be increased until it produces diarrhea and then reduced slightly. Cancer greatly increases the body’s consumption of both vitamin A and vitamin C. Therefore, in the case of cancer, it will take quite a lot of both. In very large doses, vitamin A in an oil base can be toxic. However, in the case of cancer the body needs quite a lot, many times the recommended minimum. In most people it can be produced by carotene but many cancer patients cannot convert carotene into vitamin A. Again the greens tablets will supply considerable carotene. The B-17 can be found in some good health food stores but the best sources are on the web. The iodine in high dosages is hard to find. Dr. Jonathon Wright sells potassium iodide by mail order from his Tahoma Clinic in Washington state. See his web site at The taste is very strong. Overdosing can be very dangerous. It is used in the Hoxey Cancer Clinic syrup. The usual alternative way of taking iodine is to apply ordinary tincture of iodine to the skin in any area of the body. It will usually be absorbed within a few hours. Then apply it again until it is no longer absorbed. If a person has had chemotherapy or radiation treatments, the silver is especially important. The above program will often save them if they are in the earlier stages of treatment.
Cancer can be healed!
It does not necessarily take a long time.
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