Hello Mr. Robey, Your ionic silver is truly amazing. At age 89 my skin has become very thin and my body no longer heals as fast as it used to. I stumbled and scraped my arm against the wall causing an abrasion about 2 ½ inches long and ¾ inches wide. It bled heavily. A medical aid changed the dressing and applied antibiotic cream daily. It took nearly four months for the injury to finally heal and left a large scar the size of the original wound. About two months after the first injury healed I stumbled again causing a second wound of nearly the same size as the first. This time the medical aide used your ionic silver instead of antibiotic cream to treat the wound. She changed the dressing daily and I moistened the dressing several times each day with ionic silver. We were both amazed how fast the wound healed.
Instead of taking months to heal, this time it took 16 days. And, instead of a large scar, there was only a narrow reddened line where the injury had been. After several months the skin in the area of the wound has returned to normal. Unless you knew where I had injured my arm, you would not be able to see where the wound had been. As I said, it was truly amazing. I learned that taking ionic silver orally would improve my immune system so I began taking an ounce each day. I recently came down with a cold. At age 89 this can be a serious matter. However, instead of suffering for a week to ten days I was better in only three days and the symptoms were very mild. Needless to say, I will continue to use your ionic silver to maintain my health. Thanks again for a wonderful product. Betty S. Huntington Beach, CA