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The most effective medicine for treating problems with erection

Do you really need true pills to heal your sexual problems? I will tell you occasion which changed my life. I became forty, then, I realized, that such age brings some hard problems with erection. I couldn’t believe it, because I thought that my youth is eternal.

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I have many stresses at work, that is the reason I have understood that I need some tablets to solve problem with my sexual life. Many men around the world don’t like talking about sexual problems.

I was one of them. Nevertheless, I couldn’t imagine that I can get into such kind of situation. It happened. I became depressed and couldn’t enjoy my life like I did it earlier.

I was so confused. My impotence made me depressed and moody.

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I gathered my thoughts together and went to my doctor who showed me very sad modern statistics.

  • Half of all men have erectile dysfunction until 50.
  • More: 75% of men don’t have a possibility to keep their sexual life by 60.


At first, predictably, I bought Viagra. My doctor said that it was the best decision of my problem. However, it helped only for some time. The deal is not in my wife – she is great woman as usual. The deal was in me.

I passed all the tests. Following them, the doctor said that the medicine should help me. However, it didn’t happen. I realized that the medicine does not work. Moreover, I started to suffer from migraines. On the anniversary of our wedding with my wife, I took a pill and a glass of wine. But nothing helped.

My wife is a wonderful woman. She supports me all the years of our marriage and she convinced me that we will solve the problem.I understood, that I mustn’t give up.

The market offers a large choice of different of drugs. Viagra is the most advertised, but there are others. But I don’t think, that is so effective and save as it said.

I decided to look for the solution by myself. In the end, after I conducted research on the Internet, read many articles and statistics. I found a lot of interesting information. I want to tell you about it.

Modern life has changed and under its pressure many young men are starting to take Viagra. Which eventually becomes their drug.

Is there really alternatives to Viagra? Yes, it is. You can read about it here. Many natural remedies surpass it in many times.

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Some facts about Viagra:

1. This medicine can be really dangerous

What was shocked me – Viagra can bring death. Dr. Sanjay Kaul of Cedars-Sinai Medical Center studied effects of these pills. He found 1473 events of complications! The biggest part of them were connected with cardio-vascular issues. There were issues of heart attacks, and arrhythmias, drop in blood pressure, and fainting. What is the scariest – sudden death among men, not older than 65 without heart diseases .Viagra causes melanoma – skin cancer. The study of this fact involved 26,000 people. Those who took the tablets of Via Gira doubled the risk of its occurrence.

2. The drug may cause cardiovascular problems

Yes, Viagra is a remedy that can cause sexual arousal. However, before you buy it, make sure that you do not have problems with the heart and blood pressure. Make sure your heart is strong enough to withstand the load. Otherwise, you will be like an office manager, who became a fitness trainer in one day. In addition, this is impossible. Dr. Xiaoping Du, an associate professor of pharmacology at the University of Illinois at the College of Chicago, found a link between drug use and the occurrence of heart disease. Viagra causes platelet aggregation. It can cause heart attacks. Strangely enough, at the very beginning, the drug was released as a remedy for preventing heart attacks. Men who have problems with erection should be extremely cautious. This medicine is very risky. Some doctors do not recommend pills to men and will not take them themselves.

3. The side effects of such drugs

More than hundreds of studies from around the world have shown that the excitement is fully justified. Viagra can cause a whole kaleidoscope of side effects: nasal congestion, headache, dizziness, hyperemia, muscle pain, dyspepsia, back pain, heart attack and even cardiac arrest. Men should think about it and refuse to take the medicine.

There may be many more side effects. Some men lost sight and hearing completely unexpectedly. I do not know about you, but I’m very scared!

However, people do not think about the consequences and continue to take Viagra. Instead of thinking before you, start taking the pill. Moreover, blue tablets cause drug addiction. Moreover, without them, the man cannot do anything and will need them repeatedly. In addition, you are risking infertility and neurosis of the tissues of the penis! If you take the drug wrong, you can die!

4. If you have one of those things, do not take these pills!

  • if you take nitrate medicines;
  • if you suffer from diabetic;
  • if you have overweight;

A lot of experiments and research confirms contraindications. If you have problems with the liver or kidneys, do not take medication for erectile problems. More than that! If your pressure is problematic, do not drink Viagra! To those who smoke, also it is necessary to forget about it! In addition, it is strictly forbidden to take Viagra with alcohol. This will aggravate the effects of the effects and change the speed of the drug. I read somewhere that Sildenafil was originally a remedy against the fungus and the strongest antibiotic. So, if you take the drugs at least against one of the diseases listed above, you can not take Viagra.

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5. Sildenafil is not really effective!

31% of men did not notice the effectiveness of the drug Viagra.

Such drugs work in such a way that they dilate the vessels. What causes the flow of blood to the penis and then, can cause an erection.

Some cases have shown that Viagra is ineffective. Why?

  • First, work with the way you are excited. Only Viagra is not enough.
  • the physical and psychological component of excitement is very important. Problems can occur and the drug will not work if there is no romantic situation or stimulation within half an hour after taking the pill.
  • given all the side effects, sex will not bring you pleasure.
  • If you like to eat a lot of food, the pill will not work.
  • if you take a drug with alcohol, you risk to get impotence.
  • your body can simply begin to resist the drug and it will not work.

6. The largest number of fakes exists on the Viagra

Viagra is the biggest target for scammers, because it is advertised all over the world. Therefore, there are many fakes. Yes, they can work in way of real Viagra, but their composition is different. Such drugs are made in unqualified factories and garages.

For scammers the main thing is to find same components. It is not a problem to make a similar beautiful package. Therefore, the drug looks beautiful and quality. In fact, it’s not like that at all. Another problem in the USA is that many purchases are made via the Internet. Pharmacies that sell such drugs do not have a license for it.

A beautiful picture and a beautiful site provides a good sale. China and India produce nearly 99% of counterfeit drugs. Laboratories in India produce active ingredients.

One Canadian organization was uncovered. They made the pills in China. They were sent to Dubai via Hong Kong. After that – to the UK. The drugs were packaged in the Bahamas. Such a scheme shows that such organizations well sweep out traces and think through all the moves.

7. ED Pills which have the highest prices in the world

There are no such tablets for the treatment of ED, which would be so expensive in price. The price of the drug is growing constantly from the very beginning. Now it’s a real record: from 34 to 44 US dollars for 100 mg. In order to take Viagra for a year, you need to pay a very large amount.

Why is the price of the drug growing?

Everything is very obvious. Pfizer, which produces Viagra, setting the price of the drug, because they have a patent. At the same time, the patent is valid only in the USA. In the rest of the world, the patent of company does not have this protection. Therefore, other drugs, which cost in three times cheaper, fill the place of Viagra. Therefore, to cover losses from counterfeits and analogues, the producer raises the price. In addition, Pfizer spends a lot of money on advertising of the drug.

If the insurance companies cover the costs of Viagra, the price will not grow. However, this does not happen, because companies do not consider the drug very important and necessary. Therefore, if you are looking for a cheap drug for the treatment of erectile dysfunction – Viagra does not suit you. It is better to spend this money on other ways to cure the disease. Do not increase sales of this company. At what these methods of treatment are much more effective than Viagra and this is proved many times.

How to improve the potency without taking the pills?

Efficiency for men is easy to restore if you follow the following recommendations:

  • Stop watching porn. It is proved that it causes dependence and then the man cannot lead the sexual life in the way, as he expects from the partner’s behavior, as in porn films;
  • Stop taking steroids. Many bodybuilders and sportsmen take them. In consequence of this, they get problems with the potency;
  • Quit smoking. Nicotine clogs the blood vessels, which affects the blood flow. In particular, to the penis;
  • Problems with the treatment often arise from alcohol. Reduce its quantity;
  • Reduce stress level. Stressful situations are directly related to problems in sexual life. If necessary, visit a therapist.

Natural ED Supplements: Efficiency or Deception?

I started my research and realized that there are many different ED additives. The market offers, as they themselves call them, natural accelerators. In addition, they say that this greatly affects the sexual activity of men. They promise that drugs will increase self-confidence, increase fertility and duration of erection during intercourse. In fact, the composition of such drugs is strange, and they can harm your health.

What means actually help to solve problems with erectile dysfunction?

I have researched and studied a lot of information and can disclose a list of natural ingredients that will increase potency. However, I’m not saying that they are all safe and effective – everyone can find something which will suit only him. What is about me, I trust only things, which were passed the medical examination.

Pomegranate ellagic acid

Pomegranate and its acid can treat impotence and erectile problems. This is proven.

As one study showed, the men who took part in the study, saw an improvement without taking the pills, they only drank pomegranate juice during 10 weeks. That did not cause harm to health.

Research on rats by Aydina M., Gyur S., Zonmeza M., Türk G. in 2008, showed that consumption of pomegranate juice boosts male fertility. Similar male rats received high quality sperm after taking pomegranate juice. Problems with spermatozoa decreased.

In addition, in 2008, scientists conducted a study that showed the ability to reduce the number of cancer cells only from the using of pomegranate juice.


Ashwagandha is an herb that has been shown and appreciated by the science of Ayurveda. In 2015, an experiment with 50 men was conducted. The placebo group did not receive any treatment, and the second group received a dose of Ashvaganda. The men’s level of testosterone increased. A rise in the level of this substance in men leads to an increase in potency. The growth and strength of muscles also increases. The following studies showed the positive impact of Aswaganda on male fertility. In addition, the quality and level of spermatozoa grows from the intake of this supplement.

Horned weed

Horny catat weed is an herb that has proven effective in treating problems with erection. This is one of the components of Chinese traditional medicine. In addition, horny weed is the natural equivalent of Viagra. Scientists have been shown that Icaryin acts as the main element of Viagra. If you take 15 grams of horny weed per day, it will cure impotence. The specialists of the University of Michigan came to such conclusions. In China, four studies were conducted in humans, which showed that the plant has a positive effect on male sexual activity. 76% of men were completely cured of problems with erection.

The second study showed that 16 out of 30 participants had completely regained sexual activity. 11 men have increased the ability to intercourse. Two other experiments have shown horny goat weed enhances the quality of sexual life and libido.


Cordyceps is a fungus. Studies were carried out both in humans and in mice. It turned out that Cordyceps improves the quality of sexual function. The study which was conducted in 1988, showed that Cordyceps influences the increase in the production of the male sex hormone. More than 200 people taking it during the research could overcome the low sex drive and erectile dysfunction. More than 60% of men were able to cope with the problem. The placebo group did this only by 24%.

Modern Diagnostics and Therapeutics in 1986, published statistics that showed that the 8-week consumption of Cordyceps increased the number of spermatozoa and the life span of sperm in more than half the participants in the experiment. Moreover, Materia Medica that Cordyceps also enhances female libido.


Without zinc, the body will not be able to work normally. This element also affects men’s health. Studies in 1996 showed that after the use of zinc, the amount of testosterone in men increased sharply. As in young and old men.

In 2008, it was proved that a sufficient level of testosterone affects the timely ejaculation and duration of sexual intercourse. In 2007, scientists from the University of Oregon found the fact that low levels of zinc could cause a breakdown in the prostate gland. Moreover, even cancer. Therefore, to avoid such complications, the zinc level should be high.


Arginine is a natural amino acid that is used to treat impairment. Studies at one of the universities showed that if taking arginine 4 weeks every day, men noted improvement in performance in the bedroom. Still, scientists say that research should be extended.

Cologne University conducted a 7-week study with 26 patients who could not achieve an erection. 73% of the subjects reported that the quality of sexual life had improved in times.

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I think I gave you a wide range of choice: supplements, pomegranate acid, zinc etc. The choice is yours.

Super-Charged Live-Silver is the most Powerful Silver made!

Bar none. Fastest Acting while protecting the needed probiotics. The most effective particle charge size, giving it the shortest kill timeaccording to the Institute for Alternative Health Research. So pure it is as clear as water but shows the laser beam of a strong colloid. If it is not as clear as water it is not pure. That is why Live-Silver is used intraveinously and the choice of professionals.

The Magical Magnet

Super-Charged Live-Silver has the highest electrical charge of any silver colloid (+) making it a small but powerful magnet. According to the Institute for Alternative Health Research, pathogens (disease causing bacteria, yeasts, fungus, as well as toxins) have a negative charge. Because of this, electrically super charged silver attracts disease causing pathogens magnetically, while repelling the friendly probiotics like magic. Opposites attract, likes repel. This is the same system the immune system uses to kill the unfriendly pathogens without harming the probiotics. In this manner the pathogens can be swept out like with a vacuum cleaner.

There are two basic types of bacteria: aerobic probiotics which require free oxygen and anaerobic bacteria which cannot tolerate oxygen. The oxygen-loving probiotics are friendly to the digestive system and the body. They produce many of our essential nutrients. Without them we are deficient in many nutrients. These friendly probiotics have a positive electrical charge (+). They are repelled from the Live-Silver (+) like a magnet, so the silver does not harm them. Like repels like.

The anaerobic, unfriendly bacteria which cannot tolerate oxygen have a negative charge (-). They are like miniature magnets. Negatively charged particles are drawn to the positive charge of super-charged silver with the force of the magnet. Then they cannot free themselves. This is the same mechanism the immune system uses to kill the diseases while protecting the probiotics. Most silvers have no usable charge. They are somewhat effective because they pick up some charge like static electricity.

The good probiotics are plus (+) are oxygenated while the bad bacteria are minus (-) and non-oxygenated. Like repels like. Opposites attract. In this manner the charged silver (+) easily tells the difference between the good, necessary probiotics and the dangerous-disease causing bacteria. Uncharged silver can not do this. Solutions are too weak to do this. If the particle size is as small as an atom or molecule it is a solution, not a colloid.

Our research has shown that the reason a colloid is so much more effective than a solution is because the molecules in a solution cannot carry enough electrical (magnetic) charge to be effective. A group of molecules forming a particle becomes effective in capturing the pathogens.

The smaller the particles the more particles there are, but when the particle size drops below .001 microns they rapidly loose their strength. Our experiments have establised a particle size of .001 microns or slightly larger, form the highest super charged colloid.

Silver molecules in solution, as well as many brands of silver have little or no charge and have little effect. According to the Institute for Alternative Health, Silver solutions at 2,000 PPM test much less effective than super-charged Live-Silver.

Non-charged colloids will stay in suspension for quite a while if the particle size is very small. However, the stability of a colloid is measured by its zeta factor, which is its particle charge. It is this charge which causes the particles to be held in suspension. Uncharged silver has no such zeta rating and its ability to stay in suspension is not even rated.

It is the positive charge which can attach to the bacteria, yeasts, fungus, virus and toxins. Live-Silver is non toxic and non staining and can be taken as a nutritional supplement to continually protect all of the body.

The differences in “colloidal silvers”

A silver colloid can be produced by the slow electrical process of producing positively charged silver particles or it can be produced by the fast, cheap process of precipitating a silver chemical out of a solution such as silver nitrate. This will naturally produce a particle size down to a molecule of silver. It will NOT be a colloid. Colloids are particles, meaning groups of molecules. And their combined charge acts very differently from solutions. Colloids and plasmas are a science unto themselves. They are referred to by colloidal scientists as the fourth state of matter, not acting like solids, liquids or gases.


Super-Charged Live silver is so pure it looks like water but shows the strong laser beam of a strong colloid. All pure silver colloids are as clear as water. If it is not as clear as water it is not pure. It may be a pure silver chemical or it may contain one or more of the silver oxides. It is these oxides that discolor silver products and the skin.


Many products on the market claim very high PPM. Any product over 80 PPM is either a mild silver protein or some other chemical form of silver. You do not want silver bound to a protein or anything. It needs to be free to bind to bacteria. If you want a chemical why not buy silver nitrate and dilute it yourself for a very small fraction of the price. It will burn the flesh and discolor the skin. The PPM can be very high, even into the millions very easily. The higher the PPM you want the less water you dilute it with. It is not safe at any PPM.

Silver nitrate including mild silver protein is a prescription drug because it is dangerous. It is not a colloid. It will usually warn against getting it in the eyes or taking more than a teaspoonful at a time because it is toxic. It is not effective at any safe concentration. Live-Silver is very safe in the eyes and often used for pink eye and other eye infections.

How is Live-Silver Produced?

Super-Charged Live-Silver is produced by the slow electrolysis method and as pure as water. If it is not as clear as water, it contains impurities, usually oxides of silver, which can be black or brown. Then every particle of Live-Silver is broken down into about 1,000 particles, which we have found to be the optimum size Each new particle is electrically positively charged giving it about 1,000 times as much positive charge as most charged colloidal silvers and about 96% charged. That is why it is “super charged”. Click here to see lab tests.


Some silver products claim to be patented. If they are patented, they cannot be a silver colloid. No silver colloid can be patented. Colloids of silver chemicals could be. But it is the non soluble silver chemicals which cause the discoloration of the skin. If the silver chemical were soluble it could not form a colloid. Please show me a few dozen independent studies of traceable sources for the effectiveness of any patented silver. None of the vast medical research done in the last one-hundred and fifty years can be applied to it. It is new and any medical research on it must be new and not applicable to any silver colloid. If they claim medical research from third world countries it is probably fake unless also published in U.S. or U.K. medical journals. Production processes can sometimes by patented. We produce Live-Silver by an important patented process and always have.

Deionized water

Most brands of silver are made with deionized water which is very pure. However, the chemicals used to deionize the water are a perfect breeding ground for bacteria of all kinds and the bacteria are not necessarily removed in the process. We prefer to use distilled water which is absolutely clean.


Breaking the silver particles down into 1,000 times as many particles greatly increases the number of particles. The process is further controlled to produce the optimum partical size. No time is spared with Live–Silver in producing the finest quality colloidal silver possible. This is why Live-Silver is so effective.

Stem cells

According to an article in Nexus Magazine, as well as the research done by research scientist Dr. Robert O. Becker M.D. of New York medical University, Seracuse, NY, the positive charge also makes it capable of producing stem cells in the presence of an injury, resulting in the healing of burns and wounds in about one sixth of the normal time and without scarring. Click here to read the Nexus Magazine, July-August 2008 “Stem Cells & Colloidal Silver” based on Live-Silver. Also click here to see “Wounds.”

Is Super-Charged Live-Silver a colloid?

Is Super-Charged Live silver a colloid? Absolutely! The standard test for a colloid is the light reflected off of the active particles, Known as the Tindle effect, and Live-Silver displays this with the best. See the test on the right. Some claim to be a colloid but will not pass this basic test. You can test this yourself. A laser shows this best, but if it is clear a flashlight will display the tindle effect. If it is heavily contaminated with silver oxides or other impurities, the light may only display these impurities. Look for the dancing particles. This has been the standard test for a colloid since colloids were first discovered. A colloid is defined as particles suspended in a liquid. Whether the particles have a charge or not has nothing to do with whether it is a colloid or not.

The medical research on charged silver

Dr. Robert O. Becker MD, research scientist at New York State Hospital, Syracuse, NY after 20 years of research stated, in his best seller; “The Body Electric” pg. 175: “We may only have scratched the surface of positive silver’s medical brilliance. Already it’s an amazing tool. It stimulates bone-forming cells, cures the most stubborn infections of all kinds of bacteria, and stimulates healing in skin and other soft tissues….the electrically generated (charged)silver … has restored my belief that full regeneration of limbs, and perhaps other body parts, can be accomplished in humans.”

Dr. Becker wrote a number of published medical papers partly on the subject of silver (positively charged silver particles). Almost all biological experiments and research have been done with charged silver colloids. None of the results of this research can be applied to anything except charged silver colloids. Click here to see medical research